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The LED’s on my XLR Sniffer/Sender are showing all red when plugged directly into each other. Is it broken?

Category: XLR Sniffer/Sender

Lifetime Warranty

Category: Knowledgebase

Is shielded cable really required?

Category: Analog Audio over CAT (RATCAT Series products)

Can I get a custom CAT Rack with male and female XLR connectors?

Category: CAT Rack

Some of my XLR Sniffer LED's are orange. What does that mean?

Category: XLR Sniffer/Sender

What type of batteries do I need?

Category: Cable Testers (Sniffers and Senders)

My XLR Sniffer error codes don't match what you have on the website. Why is that?

Category: XLR Sniffer/Sender

Can I run wireless signals through a Switcher or a Swapper?

Category: Mic Accessories (switchers and swappers)

What are the differences between the different SuperCAT cables?

Category: Cable (SuperCAT series)

What are the bandwidth capabilities of the SuperCAT 7 cable?

Category: SuperCAT 7

What are the specifications for your SuperCAT 7 Cable?

Category: SuperCAT 7

What kind of shielding does the SuperCAT Sound cable use?

Category: SuperCAT Sound