Is a shielded Cat cable better?

For analog over Cat, shielded Cat cable with shielded RJ45 or shielded etherCON connectors is highly recommended and is necessary if Phantom power or Com lines will be used. For data, shielded cable may or may not be recommended. Shielded Cat cable comes in three basic types: Overall shield S/UTP or F/UTP, individual pair shield U/FTP and double shield where there is a shield over each pair and an overall shield S/FTP. Amazingly the twists of the pairs in Cat cables tend to be so good that for audio of Cat, individual pair shields are not necessary. Having individual shields over each pair will reduce crosstalk even further. For high speed data, individual shields over each pair may be necessary to reduce crosstalk at the higher frequencies. Shielding is also important for reducing susceptibility to ESD (Electrostatic discharge) wherein static electricity can interfere with the data or audio.