What are the differences between the different SuperCAT cables?

Briefly, there are a number of differences between the 3 cables we currently offer. 

The SuperCAT cable features a special jacket that makes it durable as well as flexible, making it easy to wind. It is a S/UTP cable and certified to work with all SoundTools products.

The SuperCAT Sound cable features individually shielded twister pairs as well as a dedicated drain wire for each pair. This allows the SuperCAT Sound cable to be terminated directly to XLR connectors, or be used like a traditional CAT cable. SuperCAT Sound is a U/FTP cable with very high durability and pull strength.

The SuperCAT 7 cable features the speed of a CAT7 cable with the flexibility of the original SuperCAT cable. With both an outer shield and shielded twisted pairs, the SuperCAT 7 is ready for the harshest signal conditions. SuperCAT 7 is an S/FTP cable and is perfect for modern digital consoles as well as SoundTools products.