Can I use the WallCAT 8 as an 8 channel wall plate?

No, the WallCAT 8 is still a 4 channel box, but with additional options over the WallCAT 4.

The WallCAT 8 features a parallel connection between the male and female XLRs. This means that the signal is split at the channel level. This can be helpful if you need to send your input right back out to a monitoring space.

The second RJ45 port is used to connect another SoundTools Analog Audio Over CAT product like another WallCAT 8, the WallCAT 4 or 5. This includes the CAT Box, CAT Rack and all CAT Tails.

*Please note that the WallCAT 8 use standard shielded RJ45 plugs and do not support an etherCON barrel*

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